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Your Insurance Company Isn’t Always on Your Side.

If something has happened and you’ve filed an insurance claim, it’s reasonable to expect the insurance company to compensate you for your losses. But the reality is sometimes quite different. The insurance company may offer a settlement that’s far too low. Sometimes they’ll deny your claim altogether. It happens more than you might think—and it’s only natural to feel angry and betrayed. After all, you PAID for insurance coverage!

Disputes with insurance companies typically involve two types of cases. The first, breach of contract, occurs when your insurance company does not do something that they are contractually obligated to do. For example, if your vehicle is covered from flooding by your car insurance and your insurance company denies responsibility after your car is flooded in a storm, then you may be able to file a breach of contract claim against the insurance company. The second, bad faith, might follow when an insurance fails to act in good faith when determining whether or not to honor a claim. Insurance companies should not try to find loopholes to get out of paying policyholders. If your insurance company is denying your claim, then you may have a case.

Your chances of winning an insurance dispute claim depend greatly on the particular circumstances of your individual case. The best way to determine if you have a strong case against your insurance company is to speak with Tim Reed about your situation. 

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